Loki the Hedgehog

I'm still sick, and at this point not much makes me smile - except for Loki the Hedgehog! That little bundle of spiky sweetness is my go-to hog for happiness! So, I thought I'd share a little bit of Loki with all of you, 'cause everyone could use a big of extra cute in their day!

Loki the hedgehog! Cutest belly on the interwebs :)
Loki is a fab model
"I think someone spiked my coffee!" heh.
Loki held in his human's hand.
baby Loki
Loki likes to get into small things.

and this made me all gooey inside: Loki dreaming video

Okay, hopefully Loki has brought you some joy in all his mighty cute ways!
Whenever he comes up on my Tumblr Dashboard, I smile. :)
with hedgehog joy,

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