Caturday: Kitten meets Hedgehog

If you've been following my blog for a while now, you know I have a thing for sharing really cute videos I find on the interwebs. Well, this one steals the cake. Not only does it have a kitten named Loki and a hedgehog named Harley, but it also has a lovely song to listen to whilst watching these two critters interact.
So very often, the music in YouTube videos is cringe worthy + I just mute them while I watch, but this time I happily listened along!
And, as per usual, I made some screen caps to further the cute quotient!

I love how the hedgehog is just a lump on the ground, and how it tries to escape its bathtime. Also, I don't think the hedgehog is necessarily happy to have his bathtime interrupted by the kitten. ;)
I totally want these two critters to be best friends.
with joy,

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