Kitten Play Dress!

hello chickadees! I'm here to announce the winner of the sweet Kitten Play Dress giveaway! yay!

Lucky number 6 was drawn, which makes Carly the winner! double yay!

Here's what Carly wrote in her winning comment:
"Hehe, this dress is so cute! I'd definitely pair it with my denim jacket & maybe my JC cat shooooes, how fun and catty! I LOVE CATS!"

Sort of perfect she won, don't you think? I'm going to pester Carly until she actually does wear the dress with her denim jacket and cat shoes! (photographic proof will be necessary!) 

*I used a random number generator to select the winner

Congrats Carly (who has a fantabulous blog called Miss Teacups!)
with kitten joy,

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