random goodness

heart mug + ritz bits

Gracie likes marshmallow hearts

fab little Polaroid patch from Azuree 

This is kind of like a 'day in the Life of' for me. Most days do consist of tea or coffee (oft in that heart mug), my foodie addiction is Ritz bits (the kind with cheese in the middle), Polaroids can be found EVERYWHERE in my apartment. And Gracie tries to lick everything I eat.

I got together with Astrid just a couple of days ago & did an impromptu birthday gift exchange! Her birthday was on February 6th and mine was on January 22nd. I looooove the fab necklace she gifted me with, which she got at a sweet downtown shop called Tango (owned by the equally fab Desiree of sofawned.com).

I love my new necklace: thank you Astrid!

cute retro-style camera goodies I gifted Astrid with (photo via Astrid's blog)

I love random goodness. I'll have more randomness to come, I'm sure. Life really is like a box of chocolates, isn't it. Pick one, bite into it, and surprise! Random flavour explodes into your mouth. yup. That's life for you. Of course, that's if you the box of chocolates doesn't have an infographic that tells you which chocolate is which. Yeah, like life comes with an infographic, huh? How boring would that be!
with random joy,
p.s. I've been eating a lot of chocolate cake of late, hence the odd segue into chocolates.

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