Caturday: Polaroid Cats!

polaroid - cats
a collection of cats sitting in my window sill
polaroid - dreamy henry
Henry bathed in light
polaroid - Ghosty
a local feral cat whom I named Ghosty, for obvious reasons!
polaroid - Strongpaw in belly repose
Strongpaw showing off her belly

I decided to share some of my recent cat-related Polaroids this fine Caturday! I do believe it's my favourite subject matter. Or perhaps it more because I'm most often surrounded by cats ... hmmm.

That last shot depicts my favourite Strongpaw pose - just don't actually touch the belly! BAM! She'll ensnare you with her back claws. She's more of a look-and-don't-touch kinda belly-cat.

If you want to take a peek at more cats on Polaroid film, visit Instant Cats - a Flickr group I'm a member of and enjoy perusing.
with joy,

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