Wednesday Whatnots

Today's Whatnots are brought to you by inspirational printed matter, vintage finds + a sleepy puppy. I rather like that combination! I've been enriched by graphic novels, magazines and vintage books this past while, and so I thought I'd share details on a couple of them with you.

I was gifted with an awesome set of graphic novels in the form of BUILDING STORIES by Chris Ware - a massive collective of various sized/types of graphic novels, all of which is exactly as the title refers - a building of stories. Stories of Life. It's pretty deep shit, but also visually stimulating! (thank you Jen!) It will take me many moons to get through the entirety of this project.

I fell into Calling Dr Laura - just dived right in and didn't come up for air until I finished every last little tasty morsel. What a fantastical autobiographical graphic novel detailing a particularly + unusually difficult/self-growth-inspiring time in author/artist Nicole J. Georges' life. I loved everything about this book, and am grateful that I happened upon it at my local Chapters book store! yay!

As per usual, I've been re-reading my Uppercase magazines. I have them strewn in every room of my apartment, so that I can pick up an issue whenever the craving hits.

from the inside of Beverley Nichol's Cats' A.B.C. (originally published in 1960)

another spectacular illustration from Cats' A.B.C. 

some fresh pickins from a recent thrift outing!

CATS: a colouring book by Team Art - started colouring in some fancy cats! (thanks again, Jen!)

And there's my sleepy puppy face. Gracie snuggled her way under a blanket and into the nook of my arm. she was distractingly cute! I also could not do much when this was happening, as she used my arm as part of her bed. I gave in, and allowed her to distract me fully.

I've been getting so inspired by all the graphic novels, the vintage books (mostly about cats, oddly enough - or perhaps not so odd?) and the artists' I've been coming by of late (mostly via Tumblr). It's pretty nifty to be surrounded by creativity; it helps get my own creative ideas down on paper.
with joy, and a sleepy puppy (she is currently nestled in the crook of my legs),

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