Cute: Meeting Miss Fluffington

polaroid - Miss Fluffington

Grace and I met the cutest little puppy the other day, a 6 month old Pomeranian named Miss Fluffington (at least I hope I remember the name right - it could be Lady Fluffington)! She was referred to as "Fluff" for the remainder of our epic play date, though, and Fluff she is! Her "real" name is Evie, but I think Fluff suits her the bestest! Gracie LOVED this puppy, and the puppy loved Grace. My heart melted into a big gooey puddle of adorableness. I wish I had taken photos of Fluff with my digital camera, but I only had my Polaroid on me. I had too much fun snapping this little cutie-pie!
I even got her high-fiving her mom. I couldn't believe this lil pup already knew how to high five! All Gracie knows how to do is dance - but she dances pretty awesomely, so I guess that's cool. :)
I love how in the Polaroid below, Grace is seen watching Fluff, and Fluff is looking to Gracie. so cute!
polaroid - High Five!
I really hope to meet up with this pup and her humans again soon. Grace hasn't had that much fun in ages! They ran and ran and ran some more. Then we took them to the water for a drink, but Gracie didn't drink from the river - no! She had to have the water put into a cup in order to drink it. Good lord, I had no idea my dog was that spoiled. ;)

If Fluff's folks find my blog - hi! I love your dog! Gracie wants another play date!
with joy,

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