Put Bunny Ears on it!

I meant to post this days ago, for Easter weekend, but I was too sick to do so (yup, sick AGAIN, this time with bronchitis! run away!) - but I figure it's Easter Monday AND the first day of April so cute things with bunny ears on them still count, right? Right!
So, here's a bunch of adorableness for you to eyeball. I've shared all these cuties on my Tumblr and then realized they need to be cute on Tea & Chickadees, too. :)

The Return of the Chihuahuabunny!
Chihuhua Bunny! by EllenJo

Guinea Pig Bunny! by Anja Mulder

Garfi-Bunny Cat
classic Cat Bunny (who wants to kill you)! by Hulya Ozkok

a girl with bunny ears in a teacup! by Mel Stringer

and the best of all, baby bunnies!! by Tanya Gray

aaaannnd, little Sharpie sketches I did of a Bunny Cat :)

Every time Easter comes around, I wish I had gotten bunny ears for my cats and dog - this year it was no different. There's something about bunny ears on critters that aren't bunnies that just makes me smile. Y'know what I mean? In particular, I want bunny ears for my cat Strongpaw (whom I modeled my Sharpie sketches after) because her nickname is "Bunny" and she would be so adorable in big bunny ears! Of course, she would also be a hissing spitting scratching cat ... but even that would be cuter with bunny ears on! (ya, I'm an evil kitty mom). Anyways, hopefully next year will be the year of Bunny Ears in my household!
for now, at least there are other people in the world who share the same love of all things bunny eared!
Happy Easter / Spring / April / Bunnies!
with joy,


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