and now I'm on Instagram!

So, my plan to take over the internets is slowly coming to fruition.
I am now on Instagram!
This is a shocking bit of knowledge, let me tell you.
I have never owned a cell phone and now I have a phone smarter than me!
I opted for an Android as I don't own anything iWhatever, and I admit it was instant user-friendly-love.
I actually don't refer to my Android as a phone. It's a camera. It takes better photos than my actual camera.
So, yes, I'm on Instagram now and am so very addicted. I am so easy, huh?

Feel free to follow my adventures on Instagram and I'll be sure to follow you back 'cause I totally want to stalk you via your daily life photos. ;)

You'll find cute critters, geekery, the odd yummy food shot and mostly nature-related things on my feed. um, and selfies 'cause isn't that what the internets is for? Well, that and cats.
I've even gotten into doing haikus/poetry via my Instagrams. I'm finding the whole thing more creatively-charged than I thought possible.

Here's the shots that inspired me to write pretty words:

by the pond she stands, waiting 
watching silently 
the world is teeming with life

an underwater ballet 
seeking snails spinning
clamouring to conquer Earth

So, now I have Tumblr and Instagram addictions. I can admit it. I also admit both of these things take me away from blogging. Once again, I apologize for my slight bloggy disappearing act! I meant to post 3x a week and look at me ... I'm barely doing once a week! I've had a lot of health issues going on, so found myself lacking in energy to post here and to update my sweet little vintage shop. Hoping to finally get past all that and once again focus on my happy places!
with joy,

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