a very happy Lucky day!

I spent last Sunday with my friend Jen (lucky jackson), her girls and my pup Grace. These are some Instagrams I took to share the fun from our day!
Gracie loves hanging with Jen's family - the girls go crazy for some Gracie love, and vice versa. Mr Giggles, Jen's cat, wasn't so sure of spending quality time with Grace, but by the end of the visit, they got close enough to sniff noses without any swatting/barking/running away/chasing. Success!
We went to the Lakefield Flea Market where I found the cutest owl planter sporting a crazy spider plant hair do. I had to bring him home. I also brought home a couple of Marilyn Monroe photo books.
And then there was hula hooping. Lots of hula hooping! And Gracie snuggles!
Pretty much a perfect day, except for when I forgot my car (yes, that did happen) and then when I was dropped off to pick up my forgotten car, I forgot the keys. I blame it on the humidity and heat. ;)

Also, I found out about PhotoGrid, an awesome little App to make all your Instagram collage dreams come true. That's how I created the above collages.
with joy,

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