Caturday : I Used to be Scared of Cats...

The post's title is not in reference to myself, as there hasn't been a day that I've ever been afraid of cats. Not even when they've bitten, scratched, or stared incessantly at me. "I used to be scared of cats" is the title of a blog I only just found out about. I seriously have no idea how that happened, because oh dear me, what a cute blog!

What makes this kitty blog even better is that it's owned by the fabulously talented artist behind BurntFeather (aka Fee Harding). I just bought myself the Cat Girl (Batman) print, something I've coveted for a long time.
Cat Girl by burntfeather

Here's some blog posts I read on the first page, and I was instantly smitten by. You'll find the links to the posts under the photos:

Hello Kitty Toy Shop
Hello Kitty Store in Japan

Neko no Panya - how did I not know about this bakery kitty before?!

Snoopy The Cat Fanart
Snoopy the Cat! Image above by Fee. Snoopy is way too kawaii!! argh!

And that's just a few things I saw and read about on I USED TO BE SCARED OF CATS. Obviously, it will be my new go-to web space. I learned so much in such a short period of time! CATS!

and yes, I do now follow all of the above. I believe in the art of cat-stalking.
with cat joy,

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