my Bookhou bag!

I was super stoked when I saw these small Pocket Bags by Bookhou, and immediately bought the triangle + rain pattern one! I needed a small hands-free bag to carry my smartphone and a few other necessities in for when I walk my pup or ride my bike. In a matter of days, this oh so fabulous little handmade darling was in my hands. Obviously, I had to do a wee photoshoot...

loved my name hand-written on this little card!

triangles! little rainy stripes! leather! natural fabric! LOVE!

how good does this loo against the pink sofa, amiright?!

Doesn't it look pretty hanging amongst my necklaces? It is sort of like jewelry; I'll probably wear it in lieu of a necklace!
For those who don't know what/who Bookhou is, here's some links to get acquainted by:

I first came across Bookhou (aka Arouna and John) on Etsy ages ago and coveted their large totes. I never use large totes, though, so went on to their day bags. Actually, I covet all of their designs. I love that they use natural materials, I love that they are handcrafted, that they're made in Toronto! yay! and their minimalist aesthetic. I'm usually one for bold bits of colour in my accessories, but I always knew I'd add a Bookhou black/natural bag into my wardrobe. I just can't believe it took this long! I am totally getting a tote bag next.

with joy,

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