my puppy gets all the girls

Grace and little girl with a freezie.

Gracie and I like to sit out the front of the house and watch the world go by, and sometimes that means we get visitors. Like today, when my neighbour's girls skipped by to give Gracie some lovin'. Gracie fought it at first, but by the end of their visit, she sat and took in all the love.
Grace dancing for treats
first they lured her with treats and made her dance!
little hand reaching for Grace
then they waited til Gracie sat in pure exhaustion of all the goings on, reaching in for a pet.
little hands petting Grace
and finally, Gracie went with it. she soaked it all in and of course, enjoyed being the center of attention!

I took all these photos with my new Android phone. Well, I call it a camera. I hardly ever refer to it as a phone. I did not think I'd be so into the whole my-phone-is-a-camera thing, but yup. I'm all in. I haven't picked up my digital camera since I got this "smartphone". I still use my Polaroids and film cameras, though (I'm a good lomo girl!).
The most difficult thing is finding good photo apps for an Android. I've downloaded, got annoyed with, and subsequently deleted a number of apps. Until Snapseed. Now, there's an endless tap of creativity! I used only one filter on all of the above images - a Vintage one and upped/lowered Saturation, Contrast, Brightness and filter strength. I love how they turned out - very much like the original photos, but with a titch of decolourization, upping of contrast and vignetting. Voila!

Honestly, I didn't think I'd enjoy tinkering around with this stuff as much as I have - I was a stalwart believer in film - in real analogue photography, not fakes. Um, but colour me blushfully wrong! It's a totally rad gadget, this new 'camera' of mine! Endless tapping of creativity.
But it doesn't replace my Polaroids and film cameras ... nothing ever will. My new 'camera' is just an extension of what I already enjoy.

And if you know of any good Android apps for photos (collage, text, filters, etc) let me know! I love to test things out. I'm looking forward to the 'vsco cam' coming out with an Android version; I hear they're working on it. Oh, and A Beautiful Mess came out with an instant hit with their photo app and I've heard it'll be available for Android, too! So those are two I'm looking forward to.

The other thing I use this smartphone for is texting and games (newest addiction is Candy Ninja). Really, why is it called a smartPhone? Who actually uses these things as PHONES? That's so antiquated. 

My dog and cats aren't so sure about this new gadget of mine, as I stick it in their faces a lot. As proven by my Instagram feed! ha!
with joy,

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