Sunday Smile: vintage dresses and Kinfolk

yellow polka dot dress
kinfolk volume eight

I haven't done a Sunday Smile in ages and it's near the end of June, so I thought I'd do a happy little post about a few recent acquisitions that made me smile!
I thrifted a cute vintage yellow polka dot sundress that actually fit me! I was pretty stoked about that find!
Just prior to that, I ordered a lovely lavender vintage dress from Miss Farfella and it arrived just after I found the yellow dress. I felt like I hit the vintage dress jackpot! The purple dress has the best swirly abstract dotty pattern and is perfectly faded. The fact that it also fit me like a dream made me extremely happy!
Around the same time, my issue of Kinfolk magazine came in the mail, and it's the first one I've ever had in hand. It is a gorgeous book - really, it's more a book than a magazine. When I found out the focus was on Japan, I knew I had to have it. I am slowly working my way through the copy, wanting to make it last as long as possible. I am entranced with the minimalist take on design and the use of soft white space. Swoon!

Grace toes and nose

I found Grace in bed, wrapped up exactly like you see above. I had to share the image because, well, look at the cute! Sometimes I am caught off-guard with her adorable ways. She is a constant source of smiles!

Back to Kinfolk - this article, Instant Extraction, is one I find very helpful. I hope to go to Japan one day, and knowledge of good coffee to be found there is good knowledge to have! Issue Eight has made me think of getting a subscription to this beautifully curated magazine.

As for my vintage dresses, I hope to get a lot of wear out of both this summer! So far, though, I haven't had a chance to dash about town in them. I need to do a slight alteration to the yellow polka-dot one (because I am short, and the dress was obviously meant for an Amazon). The lavender one is for special outings - possible picnics, garden tea parties, frolicking through the forests, etc. :)

with joy,

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