Hello out there!
It's me, Caren.
It's been a while.
I've been on a blog "vacation".
I've been busy elsewhere, though!
(Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, yup)
Poor blog, though, got ignored.
I do apologize.

I thought I'd spruce up some of the behind-the-scenes around here.
Like my 'Who Me?' page - it got updated! Woah!
It's funny, though, I still like the way my blog looks.
One would think one would do a makeover?
I might still do so!

My Etsy shop has been on vacation, too.
Which will be reversed soon enough!
I can't wait to find my rhythm once again;
in my day-to-day Life
which will be reflected
(I hope!)
in this space
and elsewhere.

So, hello out there!
It's nice to see you again :)
with joy,

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