what I wore on Caturday

So, today is Caturday. And I wore my Catwoman tee. How cool am I?!
I'm crazy cat lady cool, that's how!
I actually did this absentmindedly, not on purpose. Which makes it less cool.
I've been feeling icky the past few days, and as a pick-me-up, I thought I'd wear real clothes (with a bra and everything!) and go out for a Starbucks (in which my awesome mom drove me to, as I still can't drive due to a ridiculously klutzy accident I had a month ago). Thanks, mom!

just look at my excellent outfit of the day selfie! (um, yah, I need to work on that)
I didn't even know the garden hose was a part of it til later.

Above shows how I wore all my special rings today.
I hardly ever wear rings, but now that I have a solid set of favourites, I think I'll be wearing them more often!

close up of my new kitty ring by Fox and The Fawn!

I had done a selfie when I got the ring, via Instagram, showing my giddiness:

I was tickled when Kayla, of Fox and the Fawn, re-posted the above photo on her own Instagram feed! Isn't it funny the things that give us a lift? That did. As does the ring.
As does having a moment of joy after having a couple of trying days. It's always lovely to have that ray of sunshine - just happened that for me, it landed on a Caturday!

Speaking of cats ... here's mine from today:
Henry Bear and a (not so real) turtle.

Strongpaw in her natural habitat.

Hope your Caturday had some lovely moments, whether you have feline friends or not! Caturday is for everyone. Even dogs (Grace got into the spirit by snuggle under a blanket with me):

with joy,

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