Sunday Smile: awkward pet photo set

These photos made me giggle, as do their subject matter.
Grace had made a little nest for herself under the blanket
Henry set up right outside of said nest, having a lovely cat bath.
Grace was not impressed.
This went on for quite a while.
I, like the nutty dog + cat(s) owner that I am, I had to take photos.
I should also note that it is not often that these two will allow themselves to be next to one another.
I was pretty darn pleased with their cuteness.

I love how Henry is all like, 'whatever, I've got stuff to do' + Grace is more like, 'sigh.'

with joy,


Focus on: Nokat Pop Portraits

Twiggy, Audrey Hepburn, Sean Connery, Steve McQueen pop portraits by NOKAT

My eyes went really big and round when I first saw Nokat's loud + in your face pop portraits! Love the 'wallpaper' patterns in the background and the use of colour. Also love the choice of subjects!
The pink highlights on Steve McQueen's face and hair are just so perfect. The sweet spattering of freckles on Twiggy's face is just so. There's also a minimalism to the aesthetic I'm drawn to, and yet one would not classify this art as minimalist (does that make sense?). :)
with joy,


Ponies in Sweaters

oh yes, I had to blog about this awesome bit of cuteness! I'm sure you've seen photos all over Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, etc. but am blogging about it anyways. 'cause it's ponies in sweaters!

all images above sourced here

Shetland ponies in cardigans
above image from Visit Scotland

What is it about putting critters in sweaters and the overwhelming urge to cuddle them? I want to make sweaters for all the ponies, cats, rats, penguins, even chickadees!!! I mean, look at those ponies. In sweaters. Seriously. I can't ... there's just no words.

Brilliant bit of advertising on Scotland's part. I've always wanted to go to Scotland, but now I just want to buy a damn ticket and play with the sweater-clad ponies.
with joy,


the Birthday post

Today is my birthday! (bells are ringing, noisemakers are being noisy)!!

I was given the bestest gift from my mom, an early birthday gift voucher to use at The Impossible Project. I immediately spent it on lots of film! Super excited and inspired to do some creative projects with my Polaroids. I started off using the "Freedom" pack (a special Mint Edition with a mix of black, white + bird/feather frames) - above is a snap I took of the box the film came in. I took the word to heart, and have started a new series of photos inspired by it. Here's the first one I took:

polaroid - freedom 1

I'm pretty happy with the result, and with the black frame! I didn't know what frame would come (it's always a surprise in these special edition packs), and the black really sets the tone. It feels great to start a new year with inspiration!

Oh, and this is Strongpaw on my birthday ... she gave me a saucy wink:

hello! the birthday girl herself!

I ventured out into the cold air today with Gracie, but neither of us lasted long. Grace ran back home, and I started a coughing fit (not so great for a girl who's fighting a chest infection). However, at least I got a happy-looking snap of myself! hurrah! Also, not bad for a freshly minted 41 year old, if I do say so myself ;)

Last year, I made it to Paris for my 40th. This year, I'm focusing on creativity.
I've already published a Blurb book of photos that I took in Paris; I've set it up so that people can buy the book via the Blurb bookstore. The book is focused on a series of black and white lomography photos I took during the span of a few days. They set a real mood, and felt they would make a lovely memoir of my time there. I'm considering selling prints from the book and of other work I've done on Etsy (or some other venue). AND finally (!!!) get to the point where I can show off some of my art. Good golly, I've set up some huge goals for myself this year! It feels good to do so :)

okay, time to shove more birthday cake (Mocha Pound cake!!) into me!!
with joy,


Sunday Smile: the cat and the butterflies

source of images: here and here

I was just perusing the interwebs and randomly came across photos of a ginger kitten playing with a bunch of blue butterflies. Well, of course I had to find the source of these extremely happy-making photos and then share them with you for today's Sunday Smile.
They were taken in Russia by an amateur photographer named Natalia Moldovanova. How marvelously serendipitous that she had her camera on her right at this moment! Lepa is the kitten's name, and the butterflies are Aporia Crataegi. It's one thing to come upon a rabble (or swarm) of butterflies, but yet another to have a kitten along for the joyride - what a lucky moment in time!
with joy,


Loki the Hedgehog

I'm still sick, and at this point not much makes me smile - except for Loki the Hedgehog! That little bundle of spiky sweetness is my go-to hog for happiness! So, I thought I'd share a little bit of Loki with all of you, 'cause everyone could use a big of extra cute in their day!

Loki the hedgehog! Cutest belly on the interwebs :)
Loki is a fab model
"I think someone spiked my coffee!" heh.
Loki held in his human's hand.
baby Loki
Loki likes to get into small things.

and this made me all gooey inside: Loki dreaming video

Okay, hopefully Loki has brought you some joy in all his mighty cute ways!
Whenever he comes up on my Tumblr Dashboard, I smile. :)
with hedgehog joy,


Living Dolls

Let the eye candy ensue:

hello Mad Men!

All of these glorious miniature pieces of awesomeness is from a blog I happened upon when searching for Honey West (mid century series of books + a pretty sweet short-lived TV series starring Anne Francis) - see below. Well, colour me fabulous when I saw the retro dioramas Maryann Roy creates. In Maryann's words:
"Welcome Home" – This is  my artistic desire to design and create visually pleasing settings in 1:6 scale, for collectors of fashion dolls, toy companies, doll magazines, and miniature aficionados.

I think I'll just let the photos do the talking, because I don't think I can articulate just how freaking awesome these doll rooms are. I kinda want to be shrunk by a Shrinking Ray Gun so that I can live in them. Specially Honey West's swanky pad.
Oh, and I'm totally going to buy the complete series of Honey West - it was on air for a mere year - I found it on Amazon.ca so it's going into my shopping cart ASAP! 
with joy,


I Tumble therefore I am ...

I've been pretty quiet so far in 2013, and I have only my silly sickies to blame. I've been sick since before Christmas, but was in denial for most of its duration. I just kept moving along, until the sickies decided to make itself very hard to ignore. So, I've been laying really low and attempting self-care. Which equates lots of snuggle-time with the fur babies, watching movies on Netflix, eating Saltines (seriously, who invented that cracker? it's the only thing that my sickies will handle - well, that and pancakes), sleeping, sleeping some more, and oh yes, Tumbling. Yup, you heard me right. I've become a Tumblr addict. I started with one, and since this past week I have 3. The last one I just created today.
I do realize I should be reading books, doing creative things, eating soup, and what-not, but for some reason I get all creatively charged when I Tumble. Weird, I know.

"aimless" is the first one I started back in September of 2012. It was a fun little exercise, something like Pinning but more creative + just for me. The key to Tumbling right is always making sure you know the source of an image/photograph/art before you blog it. Same goes for Pinning, really. Sure, we really just want to save a link or an image, but it's just common courtesy to ensure the source is there so that the original artist/photographer/designer (etc.) never gets lost in the fray. Also, since we are Pinning, Tumbling, etc. in a public arena, it's also nice when other people can click on the image and find its source. I get a little preachy about this, but hey, I'm kinda old school about some things - like being courteous + kind.
When I started up "aimless", I had a tough time finding an original URL to give it. Everything I came up with was already taken (which made me feel very un-unique). Then I remembered something from my trip to Paris with my friend Karen, which is now our inside joke. "watch your muffins" - totally weird, right? It refers to this time in Paris when a Gypsy girl stole my muffin. True story. So, Karen and I were all "watch your muffins!" when we went out in public on the pretty streets of Paris. It really is a hodgepodge of imagery, but every one of them makes me smile. 
monochromaticcat.tumblr.com AKA "the cat in black & white"

I love black and white photography (and art) and especially cats in black and white. So I created a Tumblr blog dedicated to just that. Sometimes humans get in there, too, with their cats. Somehow, there's more than a few of cats wearing glasses. hmmm. Future Tumblr theme, perhaps? Or, better yet, cats in sweaters ... or for a broader reach, critters in sweaters! (you see my problem, right? ADDICTIVE)

onlypolaroid.tumblr.com AKA "only polaroid"

Just today, I was inspired to start up a Tumblr sharing only Polaroids. The first one I posted is a series of Debbie Harry polaroids that Andy Warhol took. I'll slowly add to it with real Polaroids I come across, just to further my love affair with all things instant photography :)

my 3 Tumblrs' icons :)

It's funny, 'cause I used to think lowly of Tumblr. I thought of it as a "we heart it" kinda place. No original content or uniqueness. But, I've come to find that it's a real collective. Lots of communities are built. Tons of cross-pollination with different types of folks, all of whom share a common interest in something - whether it be retro pinups, comic books, polaroids, cats (let's be honest, cats rule Tumblr just like everything else), etc.

So, if I'm not here, I'm Tumbling. Aimlessly. :)
oh, and if you have a Tumblr, let me know! We can become Tumblr buddies.
with joy,


Happy New Year! Eat More Cake!

Happy New Year = Eat More Cake
a Polaroid I took of my cake, which I then doodled upon

Happy 2013 everybody!
tagline for the new year:
"Eat More Cake!"

Henry's already ahead of the game, as he got the first lick of the cake I baked for New Year's.
He's a very smart cat.

Henry likes icing.

Take a bite out of 2013, everybody!
Strongpaw says Happy New Year! (begrudgingly)
Gracie says Happy New Year! (dejectedly)
Henry says Happy New Year! (solemnly)

Ha. Love those critters of mine. And cake.
So, for this fresh new year, I wish for all of us:
warmth when you are feeling cold
comfort when you are alone
kindness when you're in hard times
sweetness when life's too tart
laughter when things get too serious
and cake. always cake!
with joy,