Wednesday Whatnots

my new red boots!

my new owl mug!

Mr Giggles says meow!

Orla Kiely gardening goods spotted at Chapters!

I thought I'd start a new weekly feature called "Wednesday Whatnots" where I can do a little mash-up of what's been going on in my world. So, here I am sharing a few photos I took from the past week or so.

more info on the snaps above:
my red boots:  Enzo Angiolini Elysian booties (via Beyond The Rack)
my owl mug: by Miyo Company (via HauteLook) - I love Miyo's designs!
Mr Giggles is a very cool cat.
ogling Orla Kiely goodies at my local Chapters (where I also got the Bat Signal as seen below)

from top left: more Mr Giggles, my new owl tee (from here), my cat doodle, Stella the cat, Bat Signal

More on Stella the cat - she is the best kitty and she lives at my veterinary's office. I constantly threaten to catnap her, I love her so. She was born under traumatic circumstances which left her with some neurological problems, but nothing that slows her down or stops her from being a love-bug! 

I chose 'Whatnots' as the word de jour because it can refer to just about anything. For instance, this post is about owls, cats, Batman and whatnot. 
Who knows what I'll share next Wednesday! (okay, there'll probably be a cat somewhere)
with joy,


Caturday: Kitten meets Hedgehog

If you've been following my blog for a while now, you know I have a thing for sharing really cute videos I find on the interwebs. Well, this one steals the cake. Not only does it have a kitten named Loki and a hedgehog named Harley, but it also has a lovely song to listen to whilst watching these two critters interact.
So very often, the music in YouTube videos is cringe worthy + I just mute them while I watch, but this time I happily listened along!
And, as per usual, I made some screen caps to further the cute quotient!

I love how the hedgehog is just a lump on the ground, and how it tries to escape its bathtime. Also, I don't think the hedgehog is necessarily happy to have his bathtime interrupted by the kitten. ;)
I totally want these two critters to be best friends.
with joy,


Sunday Smile: Audrey in hats

in black and white
and in colour! :)

That last image of Audrey is the ultimate! I've never seen it before and it's instant love. She's wearing a Givenchy outifit and looks charming doing so! Oh so sixties!

So there you have it, my chickadees, a post dedicated to Audrey in hats. I can't believe I haven't done this before! I also cannot believe how many fathomless amounts of photos of Audrey in hats there are! I had to finally stop at what you see here or else this post would be as long as a stretched out Dachsund.

I do hope these photos brought you some smiles today, as they sure did up my spirits!
with blissed out hat joy,


Caturday: cats on chairs

Russell is one years old

Ah, yes. The art of Cat on Chairs.
The way they surreptitiously find their way upon a chair,
it really is an art form.
Something to be admired, never to be scorned.
I laugh at the audacity of a human trying to tell a cat to get off a chair.
Really! Like we mere humans have any say of the matter?
Silly humans.
Chairs are for cats.

Sleepy Cats

just another furry friday
and for baby bunnies, too! (are you melting of the cuteness right now?)

Happy Caturday, all!
I'm having way too much fun, aren't I?
with joy,
*note: click on each photo to be taken to their source :)


Kitten Play Dress!

hello chickadees! I'm here to announce the winner of the sweet Kitten Play Dress giveaway! yay!

Lucky number 6 was drawn, which makes Carly the winner! double yay!

Here's what Carly wrote in her winning comment:
"Hehe, this dress is so cute! I'd definitely pair it with my denim jacket & maybe my JC cat shooooes, how fun and catty! I LOVE CATS!"

Sort of perfect she won, don't you think? I'm going to pester Carly until she actually does wear the dress with her denim jacket and cat shoes! (photographic proof will be necessary!) 

*I used a random number generator to select the winner

Congrats Carly (who has a fantabulous blog called Miss Teacups!)
with kitten joy,


random goodness

heart mug + ritz bits

Gracie likes marshmallow hearts

fab little Polaroid patch from Azuree 

This is kind of like a 'day in the Life of' for me. Most days do consist of tea or coffee (oft in that heart mug), my foodie addiction is Ritz bits (the kind with cheese in the middle), Polaroids can be found EVERYWHERE in my apartment. And Gracie tries to lick everything I eat.

I got together with Astrid just a couple of days ago & did an impromptu birthday gift exchange! Her birthday was on February 6th and mine was on January 22nd. I looooove the fab necklace she gifted me with, which she got at a sweet downtown shop called Tango (owned by the equally fab Desiree of sofawned.com).

I love my new necklace: thank you Astrid!

cute retro-style camera goodies I gifted Astrid with (photo via Astrid's blog)

I love random goodness. I'll have more randomness to come, I'm sure. Life really is like a box of chocolates, isn't it. Pick one, bite into it, and surprise! Random flavour explodes into your mouth. yup. That's life for you. Of course, that's if you the box of chocolates doesn't have an infographic that tells you which chocolate is which. Yeah, like life comes with an infographic, huh? How boring would that be!
with random joy,
p.s. I've been eating a lot of chocolate cake of late, hence the odd segue into chocolates.


Caturday: fashionable cats

all images via United Bamboo

I would never dream to dress up any of my cats like this (unless I had a death wish), but isn't it kind of wonderful that there are cats in the world that are fashionable? ;)

Last Caturday, I posted a giveaway of a sweet ModCloth dress "Kitten Play Dress". There's still time to enter! Click here to go there now.
with joy,


Caturday + a Giveaway!

Thought I'd do a "Caturday" post, seeing as how I've been ogling lots of cute cat-related things lately! The majority of these items are from my Etsy Favourites, starting with the fabulously crazy cat leggings - oh my gosh, colour me crazy, but I'd actually wear these things. Emphasis on the crazy!

To make this post even more fun, I've got a little surprise for you!
You see that adorable Kitten Play Dress above? Well, my sweet chickadees, I have one of those to GIVEAWAY! YES! I do! It's a size Medium and it's as adorable as the photo relays!

To win yourself this Kitten Play Dress, just make sure to leave a comment! (if you want to, tell me about your own cat or why you love cats - and remember to leave a way to contact you, either by email or twitter!)

BONUS entry: follow me on Twitter (@buttercupcaren) and tweet this (copy + paste):
I entered to win a Modcloth Kitten Play Dress at Tea & Chickadees! http://shar.es/YCNWe Winner announced on Valentine's Day! @buttercupcaren
*Leave a separate comment to tell me you tweeted!

Contest is open until February 13th at midnight EST - winner will be announced on Valentine's Day!
*contest open internationally!


It's also my 950th post ... which seems mind-boggling to me! Purrfect time to host such a sweet giveaway!
*note: I ordered this dress for a friend, but it was the wrong size + I was too lazy to return it, which is why I am giving it away here. This is NOT a sponsored post, since I don't do any sponsoring. :)
with joy,