Caturday: Strongpaw

Strongpaw on the bed

a Caturday devoted to my girl Strongpaw
she gets a pretty bad rap for being a bit of a bitch,
what with her hissing at everyone and scaring small children,
but when I see Strongpaw I see a survivor
and I see my little itty bitty baby kitten

Strongpaw has big eyes
Strongpaw has the biggest eyes and cutest little peachy pink nose
polaroid - Strongpaw in belly repose
Polaroid - this is Strongpaw's favourite position + I never get tired of seeing her belly-up!

And for your viewing pleasure, two little videos I took of her doing Strongpaw things:
like having a wee bath in the sunshine whilst on my bed
and drinking water out of the teacup I keep by my bed for her and Henry
y'know, being a cat:

Strongpaw was diagnosed with diabetes a number of months ago, and I was able to keep it under control for a while using oral medication which was a blessing because Strongpaw isn't the type of cat one would like to attempt sticking a needle into (see above reference to hissing/scaring little children).
BUT, then the medication stopped working and Strongpaw's been exhibiting behaviour of full-blown diabetes so I sucked it up and started injecting her twice a day - we just started yesterday!
The first time went breezily and I thought, hey, this is so easy! But then I did the second one and let's just say after much swearing (on both our ends) I succeeded. And now I have to do this every day for the rest of Strongpaw's life. If she'll let me, I'm happy to do so if it gets her back to being my fierce Strongpaw.

Also, hoping it will make her happier so she stops harassing Henry so much. One can dream!
Strongpaw is 11 years old, which means I've had her for 11 years and even though she can be scary, she's still my little ball of fur and I kinda like that she's a bitch. 
with fierce joy,


Wednesday Whatnots

This was supposed to be posted yesterday, but I messed up my schedule-thingy so am manually posting it now - even though it's Thursday @ 2am ... let's pretend it's still Wednesday, though, so I can make this post relevant?

Hello! It's been a while since I did a Whatnot post, so I'm making up for lost time by adding photos from a few weeks ago til now. The most recent photo is of the pine wall above - I hung a plain pine shelf on the wall to put some pretty things on. I love how it turned out! That pine wall is in my kitchen - where no wall existed beforehand, and therefor nothing blocking out the furnace room. You can then imagine how excited I was when I finally got a WALL! It is my prized possession.

Zen Green Tea with Polaroid.

a Polaroid of the Dutch sky, which I got directly from the Netherlands!
but I wasn't there, I bought it from a lovely woman on Etsy :)
now I can daydream with more clarity of my future trip there (someday)

had a lovely chat with this happy chickadee chap!

happiest dog
my neighbour's kids giving Gracie so much love! happiness :)

captured the beauty of ice-encased branches during the big Ice Storm in April.

I don't think so.
Gracie inching her way out from under the covers, winking.

Is this random enough for you? I think these images cover the month of April so far. Nothing too exciting, as I haven't left my home much this month (due to the evil illness that took over). But it's a peek into the cozy little life I lead here in my hobbit hole. :)
with joy,


Cute: Meeting Miss Fluffington

polaroid - Miss Fluffington

Grace and I met the cutest little puppy the other day, a 6 month old Pomeranian named Miss Fluffington (at least I hope I remember the name right - it could be Lady Fluffington)! She was referred to as "Fluff" for the remainder of our epic play date, though, and Fluff she is! Her "real" name is Evie, but I think Fluff suits her the bestest! Gracie LOVED this puppy, and the puppy loved Grace. My heart melted into a big gooey puddle of adorableness. I wish I had taken photos of Fluff with my digital camera, but I only had my Polaroid on me. I had too much fun snapping this little cutie-pie!
I even got her high-fiving her mom. I couldn't believe this lil pup already knew how to high five! All Gracie knows how to do is dance - but she dances pretty awesomely, so I guess that's cool. :)
I love how in the Polaroid below, Grace is seen watching Fluff, and Fluff is looking to Gracie. so cute!
polaroid - High Five!
I really hope to meet up with this pup and her humans again soon. Grace hasn't had that much fun in ages! They ran and ran and ran some more. Then we took them to the water for a drink, but Gracie didn't drink from the river - no! She had to have the water put into a cup in order to drink it. Good lord, I had no idea my dog was that spoiled. ;)

If Fluff's folks find my blog - hi! I love your dog! Gracie wants another play date!
with joy,


Pretty: Hollywood Goddesses by Christopher King

Audrey, Lauren, Liz and Marylin
these fashion illustrations were digitally created via the artist's use of his Wacom Intuos 5 and Photoshop C56, along with a brush set developed by illustrator Ray Frenden - I love the fluidity of thse; I thought they were done by ink and watercolour!
buy prints from his Society6 shop!

p.s. I've been very amiss around these bloggy parts, and I do apologize to those who are regular (or new!) visitors. I've been quite ill the past while, and just didn't have the energy to put into my online presence (except for mindless Tumbling + Pinning!). I hope this bit of pretty visuals make up for my disappearing act?
with joy,


Caturday: Domestic vs Jungle Cat

Duality from Rich K on Vimeo.
A comparison between a black leopard and a black house cat.

This video totally captures the Cat! Whether jungle or domestic, cats are just plain AWESOME. I love the immediate comparison of the two in this video - I was in total awe of their similarities. Of their strength and their beauty.

I did a series of screen captures to show a direct comparison:

Pretty cool, huh? Personally, I think the domestic kitty is more fearsome. ;)

Someone did an awesome set of animated GIFs of the kitties, too.

I do love me some black cats!
with joy,


Put Bunny Ears on it!

I meant to post this days ago, for Easter weekend, but I was too sick to do so (yup, sick AGAIN, this time with bronchitis! run away!) - but I figure it's Easter Monday AND the first day of April so cute things with bunny ears on them still count, right? Right!
So, here's a bunch of adorableness for you to eyeball. I've shared all these cuties on my Tumblr and then realized they need to be cute on Tea & Chickadees, too. :)

The Return of the Chihuahuabunny!
Chihuhua Bunny! by EllenJo

Guinea Pig Bunny! by Anja Mulder

Garfi-Bunny Cat
classic Cat Bunny (who wants to kill you)! by Hulya Ozkok

a girl with bunny ears in a teacup! by Mel Stringer

and the best of all, baby bunnies!! by Tanya Gray

aaaannnd, little Sharpie sketches I did of a Bunny Cat :)

Every time Easter comes around, I wish I had gotten bunny ears for my cats and dog - this year it was no different. There's something about bunny ears on critters that aren't bunnies that just makes me smile. Y'know what I mean? In particular, I want bunny ears for my cat Strongpaw (whom I modeled my Sharpie sketches after) because her nickname is "Bunny" and she would be so adorable in big bunny ears! Of course, she would also be a hissing spitting scratching cat ... but even that would be cuter with bunny ears on! (ya, I'm an evil kitty mom). Anyways, hopefully next year will be the year of Bunny Ears in my household!
for now, at least there are other people in the world who share the same love of all things bunny eared!
Happy Easter / Spring / April / Bunnies!
with joy,