Uppercase 18 and Grace

uppercase 18 + Grace

I made a pretty little nook on my deck with my favourite fabric (it decorates a few doorways in my apartment) and snuggled down in the sunshine to re-read the current issue of Uppercase Magazine, #18. I love how you can always go back to an issue and find something you missed the first or second time viewing it. I admit, the first time I pick up the magazine I always just ogle the images. The second time, I take the time to read the interviews and ideas. The third, I search for things I missed the first two times. Then I go back a few months later to start the process over again. Best magazine, ever.
And my pup Grace agrees! She kept poking her nose into my reading time.
Eventually, I gave up on reading and gave Gracie the attention she was seeking (belly rubs and her getting on my lap).

uppercase 18 + Grace
puppy paws & collage shoes (Lisa Case 'Popsicle Stand' and Michelle Thomspon's 'At the Bottom')
uppercase 18 + Grace
Grace was intrigued by the Ma + Chr petits chiens collage collaboration pieces (those eyes!)
p.s. I love this particular Ma + Chr 'petits chiens' piece:

belly rubs!
and then it's Gracie time!
paw on foot
love how she stepped up on my foot :)
this face
and then there was no going back, it was all Gracie all the time!

You can't blame me for giving up on reading something with this cutie patootie seeking attention! She should be in magazines! ;)

One of my favourite sections in Uppercase is their ABECEDARY, and in this issue it was dedicated to "Sticky Things". D is for Dubble Bubble! T is for Taffy! Q is for Quagmire (a sticky situation)! Every issue serves up a different theme for the alphabet. Great way to find out new facts.

There was also a feature on chairs, which included mention of a fabulous series of vintage chair Polaroids by Jen Shaffer of Painted Fish Studio. I love Jen's photography, so was tickled to see her work featured! There's always someone I know of in the pages of Uppercase. It's like a little (big) family.

view more of Jen's Painted Fish Studio: Etsy and Website and Instagram

with joy,


Caturday : the dude

he's the dude

this is F-Man aka Feather aka Patience (his actual name) aka The Dude.
he isn't my cat, but he's been featured on my blog more than once and he shows up in my Instagram feed quite often.
he visits me almost daily, and for a little while even lived with me (before I knew he was owned by my neighbour).
yup, F-Man is my neighbour's cat. but he pretty much lives in my backyard (good hunting opportunities lay there, however I do not allow killing of my garden's critters - and the dude wears a bell to help hinder that activity).
I love the dude. As soon as I step outside, I can hear his little bell when he runs out from under a shrub or hops up on the fence to dash over to me. He always - ALWAYS - does his little happy-rolling-on-the-ground dance as a way to say hello.
I have wild catnip here and there in my yard, specifically for the dude to partake in.
He's my buddy.

the dude
the dude
the dude
F-Man is the dude
polaroid - cat in a wheelbarrow
above: a Polaroid I took of the dude lounging in my red wheelbarrow. he does that a lot. :)

If it were possible, I'd adopt this cat to be mine always. I've known him for 8+ years. He's the same age as my Strongpaw - oh, and Strongpaw HATES the dude. Spitting mad hate. And my dog Grace is super jealous of this interloper of my affection. Even though she's known him her entire life and was her first furry friend. Funny fur babies. Henry Bear cat doesn't know F-Man very well, but I think they could be friends.

So, today's Caturday is all about the dude.
"the dude abides" works well for the cat as well as the character from The Big Lebowski
with joy,