Caturday: cats in sweaters

For today's Caturday I bring you a classic: cats wearing sweaters!
It never gets old.
Except maybe for the cats.
Although I hear some cats like wearing sweaters. Not mine.
So I bring you other peoples' cats wearing sweaters!

Charlie Gentlecat
Mango and Sweater
Krammer's Christmas Sweater

click on each photo to be brought to their original Flickr page. all images found via a Flickr Gallery

happy Caturday!
with kitty glee,


Social Print Studio

I recently ordered a stack of little square prints of a few of my Instagram snaps, via Social Print Studio's Pinstagram app.
I am in love!
So cute!
So little!
So square!
I decided to try out the 48 tiny squares for $12.
I will be ordering more goodies from them, too!
Since I'm such an avid Instagrammer (Instagramer? Instagramr?) I figured it would be a great way to get more creative with my images. I think I'll get their tiny books next time. And now you can also get big books, too! And poster-sized prints!

I like the idea of doing things like this to give as gifts! I know I'd dig a gift like this. I'm a sucker for cute little things.

with joy,