Bowzer Box for Gracie!

Gracie got an awesome surprise in the mail on Monday: a Bowzer Box just for her!! Well, Henry Bear the cat thought there was something for him, too, but Grace growled loudly enough to shoo him away from HER goodies. So cute!

Bowzer Box is a subscription service that delivers goodies to your (or a friend's!) dog on a monthly basis. It's a really fun way to spoil that precious pup in your life - which, obviously, my Gracie is such a pup.
This is a Canadian company, and they pride themselves in including at least one Canadian product in the box. Bowzer Box also donates 10% of all proceeds go to animals that are less fortunate which makes them pretty ace in my books.

Now, on to the goodies!!

Denta Snacks, Barkery liver treats, Peas & Carrots organic bone cookie, Bacon & Apple Fruitables treats, spool of poop bags, Rescue balm for chapped/sore paws & noses and a fab little treat ball! Everything was just the right size for Grace and I love that the treats area all wheat-free!

This is Grace in mid-bark because I was taking photos instead of giving her the goodies!

Grace couldn't wait to get into the box!

And Henry Bear was happy afterall, because he got the box!!

There's already subscription services like this for U.S.A. based dogs, so I was gleeful to test out a Canadian one! Bonus, shipping is only $4.50 across Canada.

Bowzer Box has generously given my readers a coupon code to save 15% on your first order - just use GRACE during the checkout process to get your savings. Yay!!

Bonus: if you order between now and the end of March, you'll get free shipping too! Now go to it and spoil your puppies! You know you want to ;)
*note: please email the folks at Bowzer Box to get both discounts at the same time as they've run into technical difficulties getting both to work simultaneously :)

with puppy joy,

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