Katris Modular Cat Furniture

I just saw this on Hauspanther and had to share it with y'all! Because it's a pretty awesome design that's eco-friendly, multi-functional, and most importantly, purrfect for our cats.

Katris is a modular cardboard furniture system created for cats to lounge on, scratch, climb up on, etc. as well as usable for their humans (think shelving, tables, benches). Individual cardboard blocks that resemble Tetris pieces (how cool is that?!) can be put together in so many different ways (endless possibilities!) and secured with a special clip. The company that has designed the Katris system is Papercut Lab.

They aren't available to buy yet, and the hope is it won't be ridiculously expensive. We are talking about cardboard, even if its pretty & tough cardboard. The pieces would have to be replaced at some point from kitties using them as scratching posts, so it could be a pricey bit of decor. Still, I know I would love something like this - in fact, I would have bought this in lieu of the standard carpeted + sisal-covered tree I did buy. I love that it's multi-purpose and that I can make whatever shapes I want!

I can't seem to find out where Papercut Lab are located, but they have a very Scandinavian vibe to them.
I noticed that the Katris system is blowing up on the interwebs - Pinterest and Facebook - so hopefully that will speed the company along to get their product ready to sell! Looks like they'll be doing so via Amazon.

with cat-filled joy,

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