Sunday Smile: the Pop Up New York Cat Cafe

If you're in the New York Bowery District, you probably came across the craziness of the pop up Cat Cafe put on by Purina ONE. It opened up this past Thursday and closes today. The thing that makes this awesome isn't just that it's a cat cafe (always awesome on its own), but that it's a cat cafe filled with adoptable cats from North Shore Animal League. I don't know about you, but any way that spotlights the theme 'adopt don't shop' in a big way is pretty freaking awesome in my eyes!!

I have to admit, I hope this idea takes off. I'd love to see like-minded 'pop ups' popping up all over. For cats and dogs. In the one article I read, one kitty got adopted before the cafe even opened! Now, what I'd like to see happen is to have the cats that have been in a shelter for a very long time or that are special needs be spotlighted in this sort of set up. My heart breaks every time I come across a story of a cat that has spent its entire life in a shelter, always passed up by a forever home. So, let's put those cats in future cat cafes, yes?

But I digress. This is about the coolness that is a New York cat cafe, free cat'achinos and all!

Cats. They're where it's at. Put 'em in a cafe, and they're bound to bring all the crazy cat peeps out to play!
with joy,

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