Thriftshop Zoo




I went thrifting the other day, and came home with a zoo!
All those little critters you see in the blue dish came in one plastic bag. I didn't even know what all was in the bag, I just saw the giraffe & the cat and thought, how cute! Can you imagine my delight when in that same little plastic bag there was a zoo-full of animals? A mama seal and its baby, a cocker spaniel and its two babies, the giraffe, the cat, a polar bear, an ostrich!, a donkey! and a saint bernard. Instant zoo!
I also nabbed an adorable big cat planter (hello baby Cheetah!) and a prettily striped Japanese cat.
Honestly, nothing makes me happier than bringing home the critters. It's definitely becoming a problem, but at least they're not real... right?
Now I'm thinking of how cute it would be if all those tiny animals were real ... best zoo ever!
I also thrifted that beautiful vintage blue dish, which I immediately saw as a cute succulent garden base.
Ah. the thrill of the thrift!
with joy,

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