Sunday Smile: the Pop Up New York Cat Cafe

If you're in the New York Bowery District, you probably came across the craziness of the pop up Cat Cafe put on by Purina ONE. It opened up this past Thursday and closes today. The thing that makes this awesome isn't just that it's a cat cafe (always awesome on its own), but that it's a cat cafe filled with adoptable cats from North Shore Animal League. I don't know about you, but any way that spotlights the theme 'adopt don't shop' in a big way is pretty freaking awesome in my eyes!!

I have to admit, I hope this idea takes off. I'd love to see like-minded 'pop ups' popping up all over. For cats and dogs. In the one article I read, one kitty got adopted before the cafe even opened! Now, what I'd like to see happen is to have the cats that have been in a shelter for a very long time or that are special needs be spotlighted in this sort of set up. My heart breaks every time I come across a story of a cat that has spent its entire life in a shelter, always passed up by a forever home. So, let's put those cats in future cat cafes, yes?

But I digress. This is about the coolness that is a New York cat cafe, free cat'achinos and all!

Cats. They're where it's at. Put 'em in a cafe, and they're bound to bring all the crazy cat peeps out to play!
with joy,


Thriftshop Zoo




I went thrifting the other day, and came home with a zoo!
All those little critters you see in the blue dish came in one plastic bag. I didn't even know what all was in the bag, I just saw the giraffe & the cat and thought, how cute! Can you imagine my delight when in that same little plastic bag there was a zoo-full of animals? A mama seal and its baby, a cocker spaniel and its two babies, the giraffe, the cat, a polar bear, an ostrich!, a donkey! and a saint bernard. Instant zoo!
I also nabbed an adorable big cat planter (hello baby Cheetah!) and a prettily striped Japanese cat.
Honestly, nothing makes me happier than bringing home the critters. It's definitely becoming a problem, but at least they're not real... right?
Now I'm thinking of how cute it would be if all those tiny animals were real ... best zoo ever!
I also thrifted that beautiful vintage blue dish, which I immediately saw as a cute succulent garden base.
Ah. the thrill of the thrift!
with joy,


Sunday Smile: Easter Weekend, the Beach, and Memories

seagull floating by

It's a beautiful weekend here in the Kawarthas, Ontario! I spent my Saturday in Cobourg with my mom, to visit the Memorial Walk for ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) in memory of my dad who passed away from the disease 12 years ago. It sounds like a sad thing to do, but it wasn't. I was immediately buoyed by the beautiful day, and especially the beach and view of Lake Ontario. My dad was a nature lover, and loved the water, so I was filled with good memories whilst walking along the beach.


My mom and I brought two special photos of my dad with us to the Memorial Walk, where we were to asked to pin up photos of loved ones. We ended up deciding not to pin them on the Memorial Wall, though, and instead did a private 'Remember Dad' moment at the Buttermilk Cafe over breakfast (breakfast was dad's speciality). Also, the Buttermilk Cafe makes a killer breakfast! So, it was just a perfect way to think of dad.

remembering my dad
photos of my dad: him holding a baby Strongpaw 12 years ago
& him reading Harry Potter while petting his two cats, Opie and Wolfie.

Before this post gets outrageously sad (sorry if I made you sad), I'll share this photo of the sweet vintage Dachshund salt & pepper shaker set I got at Cobourg's Blue Box thrift shop! Isn't it adorable? I've always wanted this set, so was pretty chuffed when I saw just as I was leaving (empty-handed) from the shop!

vintage Dachshund S&P shaker set

And to further brighten this post up, here is a dog wearing a pink dress! YES!!! Really, this is always a good thing. This sweet girl was one of many dogs at the ALS Walk. Along with the pink-frocked Border Terrier there was also a puppy French Bulldog! I admit, I ended up spending most of my time there interacting with all the cute pups. How could I not?!

Border Terrier in a pink dress

kiss kiss pups
the Terrier meeting a puppy French Bulldog, and melting my heart! SO MUCH CUTE!!

Easter rice krispie squares

And this all brings us to today. Easter Sunday. A day in which I made pretty rice krispie squares - dyed them a pale peachy pink and put sprinkles on them. You'll find me eating these all day, as well as out in the garden, and cuddling with my dog. It's a beautifully peaceful day today. Quite a perfect Easter! And I'll continue remembering my dad, and eating pretty rice krispie squares.

with much joy,


Katris Modular Cat Furniture

I just saw this on Hauspanther and had to share it with y'all! Because it's a pretty awesome design that's eco-friendly, multi-functional, and most importantly, purrfect for our cats.

Katris is a modular cardboard furniture system created for cats to lounge on, scratch, climb up on, etc. as well as usable for their humans (think shelving, tables, benches). Individual cardboard blocks that resemble Tetris pieces (how cool is that?!) can be put together in so many different ways (endless possibilities!) and secured with a special clip. The company that has designed the Katris system is Papercut Lab.

They aren't available to buy yet, and the hope is it won't be ridiculously expensive. We are talking about cardboard, even if its pretty & tough cardboard. The pieces would have to be replaced at some point from kitties using them as scratching posts, so it could be a pricey bit of decor. Still, I know I would love something like this - in fact, I would have bought this in lieu of the standard carpeted + sisal-covered tree I did buy. I love that it's multi-purpose and that I can make whatever shapes I want!

I can't seem to find out where Papercut Lab are located, but they have a very Scandinavian vibe to them.
I noticed that the Katris system is blowing up on the interwebs - Pinterest and Facebook - so hopefully that will speed the company along to get their product ready to sell! Looks like they'll be doing so via Amazon.

with cat-filled joy,