Who Me?

hello! this is my happy bloggy space (and that's my crazy cat lady doodled Polaroid self above).
I live in an apartment filled with vintage goodness & happy art.
(see below for a few views of my abode):

I am a bit of a crazy critter lady, and have 3 furry beasts to call my own.
Henry Bear is my handsome black Manx cat, whom I adopted in 2013. He is 4.

 Strongpaw is my fierce big-eyed tabby cat, who I've raised since she was 3 days old. She is now 11.

Grace is my sweet pup, who brightens up every day. She's a "chiweeniepug" aka Pug/Dachshund X Chihuahua mutt. Grace is 5.

I live a pretty simple life.
A life that I fill with joy and sweetness and good people.
I like to draw. I'm a geek. I always stop to talk to cats.
I write poems. I like the quiet. Nature is my happy place.
I love art. I am addicted to Polaroid photography.
You'll hardly ever find me without a camera in hand.
I own a little vintage shop on Etsy, The Vintage Apartment.
I am not young. Nor am I old. I'm perfectly in between.
I've traveled a lot, but prefer to be home.
I Tweet, I Instagram, I Tumble.

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